How to Choose Your Metro Detroit Boudoir Photographer

November 28, 2022 Boudoir

As you begin to search around for boudoir photographers in the Metro Detroit area, you may start to feel overwhelmed. There are plenty of options to choose from, and you might also be struggling with how to decide which one to go with. If you were to ask for my advice on how to choose your Metro Detroit boudoir photographer, here are the some things I’d suggest keeping in mind: 

  1. Determine your budget. There are plenty of different boudoir packages out there at various price points. Keep in mind - a boudoir photoshoot is an investment, but you also deserve a package that doesn’t create financial stress. Spend some time searching around, comparing prices, and finding an offer that fits within your unique budgetary needs. Another thing to note, some packages include complimentary services such as professional hair or makeup and others may offer certain print credits or free takeaways. Whatever the extra amenities may be, be sure to double check whether those are included in the total cost. 

  1. Figure out where you want your session to take place. When you think of your ideal boudoir experience, where do you visualize that taking place? Some photographers have their own private studio space - for example, Wildbloom has its own local studio space right in Metro Detroit. Others photograph out of their home - which is actually where I used to work when I first began this boudoir business. Shout out to all my past boudoir clients that got to experience the humble beginnings of my spare bedroom studio! Other photographers rent space - whether that be in a hotel, studio, or Airbnb somewhere in the area. 

  1. Know your “why”. Spend some time reflecting about your reasonings for wanting boudoir photos and also what you want them to aesthetically look like. As you search, take a look at photographers' prospective portfolios and ask yourself if their work reflects the look and feel you’re going for. There are plenty of different styles of boudoir - all of which is influenced by various poses, edits, coloring, backgrounds, props, and more. Knowing why you want to take boudoir photos will help you determine what exactly you’re looking for. 

Determine if the photographer is a good fit. Most boudoir photographers should offer a way for you to connect with them before you officially book a session. When communicating with them, whether it’s through email, over the phone, or through a Zoom session, consider how the conversation left you feeling. Did the photographer help you feel comfortable and excited for your boudoir session? Or did the communication make you feel more uneasy and than assured? Finding a boudoir photographer you click with will ultimately help capture your most authentic, empowered self on camera!