How to Gift Your Boudoir Photos to Your Partner

November 14, 2022 Boudoir

So you’ve made your way to our Metro Detroit studio for your boudoir session, I’ve sent you a few scalding hot preview photos, and now your gears are turning. How will you present all of these boudoir photos to your partner? 

If you want all your boudoir photos to live in one spot, you could create a NSFW (Not Suitable For Work) photos album. Envision a black, matte cover - subtly sexy, but the content on the inside leaves very little left to the imagination. A photo album can be gifted as somewhat of a vague mystery, at least on the outside. But once your partner opens it, they won’t be able to stop flipping through pages worth of nudes.

For a bit more obvious gift, you could always go with a canvas print of your favorite cover-worthy boudoir shot. Or, you could pick a handful of favorites to create a boudoir-style gallery wall. Whether they’re hung up in a private space, such as your bedroom, or proudly displayed in your living room for everyone to appreciate - you and your partner will certainly love getting to see them every day. Plus, seeing gorgeous photos of yourself daily can be a very empowering practice. 

If large, framed photos aren’t your vibe - then you could consider gifting your partner with a variety of wallet-sized favorites from your boudoir shoot. You could place them around the house in a sort of fun and flirty scavenger hunt or you could use them as steamy sneak peeks leading up to a full reveal. Picture actress Kim Cattrall in that one Valentine’s Day scene during the Sex and the City movie, her character covering herself in the most minimal way with tiny bits of sushi. Except in this scenario you’re the one fully nude and covering yourself with small boudoir photos of yourself!

Whatever way you choose to gift your boudoir photos, whether to yourself or someone else, is perfect. The most important thing is the feeling you get when you see them. Your boudoir photos might make you feel powerful, proud, amazed, inspired - whatever those emotions are, pick the photos that fill your internal well of self-esteem and give yourself permission to look at them often.