How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session

October 3, 2022 Boudoir

You’ve booked your boudoir session, and it’s time to embrace the variety of emotions you may be feeling leading up to it. Excitement, nerves, uncertainty - all of which is completely normal. I’m here to validate those feelings while also helping you prepare. By the time your scheduled session rolls around, you’ll sashay into my Metro Detroit studio feeling like an expert! 

As you begin to plan, one of the first things you might want to consider is what to wear to your boudoir session. I’m happy to provide input on the day of, but whatever outfits you’re considering should have all their tags removed ahead of time. And I’m not just talking about shopping tags - snip those internal size and care instruction tags out as well. You don’t want anything taking the focus away from you and your carefully selected looks. 

The day of your boudoir session, it’s important to wear loose clothing and undergarments to avoid any bothersome impressions on your skin. We’ve all been there before - a bra strap that leaves an indent across your shoulder, a tight pair of jeans that causes a detailed imprint of stitches running up your thigh, or even a lingering hair tie around your wrist that looks like it’s been inhibiting circulation when you finally take it off. Many of my clients in the past have worn loose fitting sweatpants, dresses, button up shirts, or loose fitting crew necks to their boudoir session to keep on while getting their makeup and other prep done, but much like the overall theme, it’s all about what makes you most comfortable. 

Both leading up to and on the day of your session, it’s important to take care of yourself. For example, you need to be sure to eat and stay hydrated before any photo session, boudoir or otherwise. While this may seem like a given to some, there’s plenty of external pressure and messaging that you may get that would encourage you to try “dieting” or “reducing water weight” or promoting some other misinformation for you to take part in before your boudoir session. But you will not find that kind of self-loathing, diet-culture energy at this Metro Detroit studio. Part of my mission for Wildbloom Photo Studio is to create a space for individuals to let their most authentic selves bloom. You're worthy of putting your beautiful body in front of the camera, just as you are.

Other things to keep in mind and try to make time for before your session include stretching and moisturizing. Honestly, those are two daily practices I should personally try to incorporate in my own life, just because they feel good! During your session, I won’t have you do any boudoir poses outside of your own personal comfort zone. It’s just helpful to get yourself loose and limber beforehand. Stretching will not only help relax your physical body, but it can also help quiet and release any nerves you may be feeling as well. When it comes to moisturizing your skin, don’t forget your hands and feet! Those parts of your body end up in many boudoir shots, so be sure to give them the love and sheen they deserve. 

The last step as you prepare for your boudoir session is to let yourself get excited! This experience is seriously going to be so much fun, I promise you.