How to Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body

October 20, 2022 Boudoir

Relationships are complicated, especially the ones we have with our own bodies. I know boudoir photography won’t be the absolute, universal cure for everyone’s body image issues - but I do want to acknowledge that these complex, and sometimes negative, feelings exist. 

There are clients that walk through my studio doors that are innately in love with every part of themselves. Snapping their nudes is an energizing experience from the first pose. Alternatively, someone else may walk in feeling unsure, nervous, and completely out of their comfort zone. By the end of their session, it’s my hope that everyone feels equally as empowered and impressed with themselves. But I also know that it’s possible not everyone will. So how does a person mentally prepare for a boudoir session? Getting out of your head and into your body can be a challenge, but there are some tools that have helped past clients become more present and self-compassionate. 

First, before you even book your session, determine your “why” - or in other words, think about the reason you want boudoir photos. Is it for yourself, someone else, or some completely different reason? No matter your “why” the important thing is that you know what it is and it feels authentic, energizing, and empowering. Next, rally your hype people. Tell the person, or people, you know will be excited for you and let them fill your head with positive, affirming messages! If you feel more comfortable bringing one person with you to my Metro Detroit studio, that’s also a possibility. Let me know beforehand and we can discuss options for making sure you’re as comfortable and supported as possible the day of. As your boudoir session gets closer and you begin to plan out and try on your outfits, I’d suggest listening to your favorite music! Songs that make you forget where you are, music that you can’t resist dancing around to, or tunes that bring out your most heightened-level of self confidence - those can all be used to help get you into a headspace that’s primed for boudoir! 

All of this to say, I know how much easier said than done it is to get out of your own head and into the present moment. This universal, innately human challenge is part of what makes capturing boudoir photos such an honor.  Shooting boudoir allows me to see people in such a vulnerable, stripped down form - figuratively, and literally at times. Capturing the essence of each individual that walks into my studio in a way that makes them look at their photos and say, “Wow, I had no idea I could look like that,” is part of the boudoir magic.

So while the time spent together in my Metro Detroit studio won’t necessarily convince you to love your body forever, it’s my hope that you leave your boudoir session feeling empowered to let your most authentic self bloom. And as the ever-wise and all-knowing Moira Rose character once said, “Allow me to offer you some advice. Take a thousand naked pictures of yourself now. You may currently think 'Oh, I'm too spooky' or 'Nobody wants to see these tiny boobies' - but believe me, one day you will look at those photos with much kinder eyes and say “Dear God, I was a beautiful thing.”